Awarding Excellence While Helping Others

Artful Missions, where the wonderful world of art and missions meet, a place where artists and those who appreciate art can be part of the bigger picture; where talent and a giving spirit mix to bring encouragement to artists and support to people in need.

Artful Missions believes that the viewer’s world is changed and expanded by the God-given dreams unleashed in the minds of artists. The goal of Artful Missions is to encourage creative dreamers to work for excellence in their media of choice and to allow them to be compensated for their hard work.

Artful Missions invites everyone to invest in artists and missions by purchasing their artwork. The proceeds from art sold at Global Art Around the World goes back to the missionary artists.

Global Art Around the World 2019

Artful Missions presents its annual Global Art Around the World Art Show and Sale.

What: Juried Fine Art and Photography Show and Sale

When: November 2 – 10, 2019

Time: 30 minutes before and after services – visit First Assembly of God for service times.

Where: First Assembly of God, 4701 Summerlin Road, Fort Myers, Florida 33919 USA

2019 Preview